"Zesty, not Hot"
What exactly does this mean? What it means is that Jimmy J's Original Razorback Rib Sauce gives you the sweet and tangy taste you want, without the heat of those heartburn-causing peppers. Acid Reflux sufferers rejoice, this original formula contains no... that's right NO peppers, so it's perfectly safe for you to enjoy it without fear of a night-long battle.

The Medium formula is designed for those who want a bit of heat, but still don't want the full bore burn of hot peppers, and who really don't want to have to fight with heartburn later on.

The Hot, well... it's hot. It's got the heat you want and still has the wonderful taste of a great sauce.

And for those fans who like the burn we have a XXX-Hot, it’s our great flavor with some Habanero peppers added for that extra kick.
Unlike those other BBQ sauces, this is a RIB SAUCE. What's the difference? Ever look at the ingredients? There's a lot of water in those other BBQ Sauces, which makes them all run right off whatever you're grilling the second they get hot. Not Jimmy J's, this sauce doesn't have water in it, only the most wonderful tomato puree base you could hope for, so it goes on the food and stays on, bathing your grilling in a “Zesty” flavor.